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Sample Cases

Auto v. Auto: Disputed liability left turn incident. Heavy impact with property damage to plaintiff's vehicle of $9,000+, medical specials of $61,000 and continuing, loss of earnings/grants and tuition for plaintiff's graduate program, $32,000 and continuing. Soft tissue injuries with medical complications alleged due to plaintiff suffering from Von Willebrand's Disease (bleeding disorder interfering with bloods normal clotting ability) which complicated plaintiff's healing process.

Assault and Battery: Plaintiff alleged that defendant assaulted him after an argument over irregularities during an auction. Defendant claimed self-defense and cross-complained against plaintiff's employer. Plaintiff alleged permanent damage to his jaw resulting in TMJ; $34,000 in medical bills; and $18,000 for future surgery.

Medical Malpractice: Plaintiff, who suffered from dementia and various other age related health problems alleged misplacement of an i.v. in the emergency room causing a large wound, requiring an extended hospital stay, worsening her dementia. Defendant alleged i.v. was properly inserted and lifesaving as evidenced by the fact that the medicine delivered via the i.v. stabilized plaintiff's condition.

Business Dispute: Complaint for fraudulent transfer to avoid payment of two judgments totaling over $36,000. Defendant claimed his company went out of business. He then became an employee of another company selling a similar type of goods. Plaintiff alleged defendant was the actual owner of the third company, that it sold identical goods and that defendant was seeking to avoid payment of the judgments.

Dental Malpractice: Plaintiff alleged failure to obtain informed consent by dentist who performed oral biopsies resulting in permanent damage. Plaintiff further alleged removal of a tooth not consented to. Defendant denied lack of informed consent.

Construction Accident: Plaintiff, a construction worker, while taking measurements on a rooftop, fell 15 feet into a hole created for repair of an air conditioning unit. Plaintiff sustained multiple fractures of the femur requiring open reduction, internal fixation, a plate, 14 screws and a bone graft; $58,000 in medical specials, with possible need for future surgery. Workers compensation lien of $120,000 with intervenor present and participating in mediation.

Auto v. Pedestrian: Plaintiff was a carwash customer when an employee lost control of a vehicle and drove into a crowd. Plaintiff attempted to escape, falling over a planter in the process. Plaintiff had a previous laminectomy for multi-level discs. MRIs revealed worsening. Medical bills of $13,000+ with loss of earnings of $6,000.

Legal Malpractice: Underlying divorce action in which plaintiff alleged that her former attorney failed to adequately ascertain her husband's assets which were valued at over $1 million, as well as failure to divide other assets properly in advising her to enter into property settlement agreement.

Business Dispute: Plaintiff sought to recover premiums allegedly owed after a workers compensation audit revealed more payroll than had been estimated and reclassification of some employees into a higher premium bracket. Defendant contended that reclassification was erroneous and that it was actually owed premiums.

Slip and Fall: A 15 year old male slipped on rainwater in entryway of apartment building, falling through untempered plate glass window. No floor mats or cones. Defendant alleged condition open and obvious. Issue as to whether Building Codes required tempered glass. Plaintiff sustained scars on wrist, fingers, buttocks and knee. with permanent scarring requiring surgical revision.

Auto v. Pedestrian: Plaintiff was crossing the street during a rainstorm when impacted by defendant. Defendant contended plaintiff was running and was not in the crosswalk. Plaintiff alleged he was walking at a normal pace within crosswalk. Plaintiff sustained C-6 fracture; herniated disc at C6-7; scalp laceration; scapular fracture, nose laceration, disc protrusion in lumbar spine, closed head trauma.

Landlord/Tenant: Tenants sought recovery against absentee landlord for alleged overcharges in rent over 10 year period in contravention of Santa Monica Rent Control Ordinance. Defendant denied plaintiffs' allegations and believed that in the event plaintiffs prevailed, he was judgment proof as he resided overseas and no longer owned any property in the United States.

Medical Malpractice: Plaintiff alleged that physician failed to adequately treat staph infection which developed after elective facial plastic surgery. Defendant alleged infection was a normal risk of the procedure to which plaintiff had consented.

School Accident: Plaintiff, aged 14, was leaving a classroom at his school while his friend was pushing against the door, preventing him from doing so. Plaintiff's finger became lodged between the door and the door jam and the tip was crushed, causing permanent injury. Allegation against school nurse for failure to adequately treat injury and obtain rapid emergency medical treatment.

Products Liability: Plaintiffs took their watercraft onto the ocean after it had been repaired by defendant; it stalled and they spent the night in the water before being rescued. Plaintiffs alleged a defect in a starter cable caused the watercraft to stall.

Trip and Fall: Plaintiff tripped and fell while descending stairs at apartment building leading to laundry facilities sustaining permanent knee injury with medical bills of over $30,000. Plaintiff alleged inadequate lighting.

Auto v. Auto: Plaintiff was a passenger in defendant's vehicle. Defendant sped out of a parking lot as another vehicle was approaching in an alley. Defendant swerved and impacted an electric pole and airbags imploded. Plaintiff was not seatbelted, but alleged he was in the process of fastening his seatbelt. Plaintiff sustained soft tissue and facial injuries.

Dogbite: Plaintiff was a guest at a party and exited the kitchen onto an enclosed patio to pet a Beagle, whereupon a Doberman bit him allegedly resulting in a bone infection. Required a pic-line for administration of antibiotics.

Fire Damage: One of many Station Fire cases resulting in soot and ash damage to residence. Experts for both defense and plaintiff appeared at mediation and voiced their opinions regarding remediation and damages.

Lemon Law: Plaintiff purchased a $90k truck to utilize as a tow truck for a newly formed towing business. It allegedly had numerous mechanical difficulties, placing it out of service some 120 days to date. Plaintiff sued for breach of warranty implied and express, merchantability, fitness for use, etc.

Business Dispute: Plaintiff's insured placed his vehicle for sale on consignment with a used car dealer. The dealer sold the vehicle, subsequently the business was closed and plaintiff's insured was not paid. Insurance company paid for the fair market value of the vehicle under a theft claim and sought recovery of the $37,000 paid.

HOA Dispute: Plaintiff condominium owner experienced water damage due to main sewage line back up. Insurer for HOA paid for mold testing, repairs and hotel bill. Plaintiff alleged that both the remediation and the repairs were not done properly and claims $35,000 additional expenses.